The Best of Social Anarchism

The editors of the journal Social Anarchism bring you an anthology of brilliant anarchist writing from the entire spectrum of its long life (and it's still kicking)! The Best of Social Anarchism has recently been released by See Sharp Press and distributed by IPG. This 460-page volume, with 37 articles from dozens of authors, offers an overview of the diversity and depth of the work being published in one of the longest-running anarchist journals in the world today.

Peer-reviewed and scholarly without losing sight of real life, real practice, and a bit of whimsy, Social Anarchism always strives to inspire, enlighten and enrich. The Best of Social Anarchism finally offers a curated source of essays on a variety of topics from a host of contemporary voices in the anarchist community.

Since 1980, Social Anarchism: A Journal of Theory and Practice has developed into a premier anarchist periodical, a feat that is honored in this anthology that showcases the journal's finest pieces. Dividing its focus equally between theoretical works and descriptions of contemporary practice, the anthology boasts such notable contributors as Colin Ward, Brian Morris, Kingsley Widmer, and John Clark, and all contributions have been reviewed by an international board of editors—avoiding the sectarian diatribes that characterize so much of political writing. The book is divided into five major sections that cover theory, practice, education, historical figures, and contemporary voices, and each article includes a summary abstract written by the editors. This fascinating and relevant collection presents a unique and rewarding perspective on the fresh and vital contributions of anarchism to the modern world.