A book! A Social Anarchism book!

May 15, 2014

Well, it's been 30+ years in the brewing, and a little over a year in the making, but The Best of Social Anarchism anthology is finally a reality! Howard and I selected nearly 50 texts to include in this massive tome, representing some of our favorite writing from the years of publishing, but ended up having to whittle the total down to 37 articles to save on space (and we still came out about 60 pp. longer than intended). That's the cost of excellence!

From the lofty rhetoric of Thomas Martin on anarchism and human nature to Sam Sloss' whimsical entreaty to stop burning flags, Social Anarchism has always covered a broad spectrum of the anarchist community, and this collection is a celebration of that range. So take a peek, offer some feedback, and consider subscribing to the journal that makes it possible.

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Shipping costs out of the USA for a book this size are prohibitively expensive. Consider ordering from a local source if available.